The Turkey 6. Seed Congress (with International Participation)

Dear Respected Members of the Seed Sector;

It is our pleasure to inform you that The Turkey 6. Seed Congress (with International Participation) will be held in Nigde during by 10 to 13 September 2018 under the organizations of Turkey Seed Growers Association (TÜRKTOB) and Nigde Ömer Halisdemir University, Ayhan Şahenk Agricultural Science and Technology Faculty.  Your participation will be honored us.

The seed is the first prerequisite for efficient and quality plant production and is used as the common name of all plant propagation materials such as seed, seedling, nursery plants, tuber, bulb, etc.  Rapid developments in genetic and agricultural technologies in recent years have led to significant changes in the seed sector.  Today, seed has become a product with strategic pre-requisites for sustainable food production with high economic value, not only from agricultural inputs but also from technology.  Countries that have invested more in plant breeding, genetic and seed technologies become global forces in the field of seed production, countries that do not make the necessary contributions to these areas have increased dependency on seeds and the sustainability of food production has been threatened.  Significant developments have been made in the seed sector after the enforcement of the Seed Law No. 5553 in our country in 2006. The sector has entered a rapid development process with the increase in support given to domestic seed production in the last decade.  At the point we have reached today Turkey certified, reaching a million tons annually on a global scale with seed production is moving towards becoming an important actor. Our national seed industry aims to reach our annual seed production of 1.5 million tons of certified seeds in 2023.  It is obvious that there is a need for more knowledge production, R & D and qualification human resources in the field of seed production so that this potential can be transformed into reality with the potential to reach this goal in our country.

The Congress will cover all issues related to the seed industry such as plant breeding and genetics, biotechnology use in seed production, seed technology, improvement of production processes in seed production, certification systems, seed marketing, breeder rights and ethics.  Thanks to international participation, we will have a chance to follow up not only our country but also our work in different countries.  During the congress, panellists will be organized to attend specialists and sector representatives on sector problems and solution proposals; the main topics will be announced by national and international experts called on.  In order to promote their activities and products with private firms, opportunities will be given to open stands in the congress area and business forums will be organized.

Once again, we would like to invite you to the our Congress, starting on 10 September in Nigde, which we will will organize together with the umbrella organization of the Turkish seed sector TÜRKTOB and will host the most comprehensive scientific activities with all stakeholders as well as international participants.  Thus, we aim to be a platform that will provide opportunities for the establishment of university-private sector collaborations, where scientific issues are discussed and solutions of the real sector problems are discussed, scientific studies are shared with the private sector as well as the academic community.

Prof.Dr. Mehmet Emin ÇALIŞKAN