What to Do If Your Essay Contains Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the use of statements or paragraphs from a published work without due acknowledgment of the original work. It is not only an ethical issue as in academic and professional settings, but plagiarism is also seen as an act of theft and is a punishable offense.
The punishment for plagiarism ranges from the destruction of the person’s reputation to suspension and even expulsion from school. Once plagiarism is suspected in an essay, it becomes invalid for grading. While it is true that sometimes plagiarism can occur unintentionally, it is still considered an offense. Here are some ways to avoid plagiarism in your essay.

1. Rephrase or Paraphrase Online Contents

To paraphrase means to rewrite a text using different words. Often, we pick information from various websites on the internet for the sake of research. However, to avoid plagiarism, you need to reword those texts in your own words. Please, do not copy and paste essays from the internet.

2. Quote the Author of Your Text Rightly

There could be cases when you need to use some words of other writers or authors in your essay. Therefore, you will have to quote such text in the name of the author or writer without losing the writer’s information and identity.

3. The Use of Citation

In preparing a research paper or an essay, you must note that works of other authors without citation leads to plagiarism. As long as you are not the author of a two-line sentence you are about to include in your essay, always cite the source of information at the end of your text.

4. The Use of Plagiarism Checking Tools

The 21st-century use of the internet has made a variety of plagiarism tools available for use. Your essay is not complete if you do not check it with any of the commonly available plagiarism checkers. Interestingly, most of these plagiarism tools are free and accessible.
In case you have written your essay following the guidelines mentioned above, but your plagiarism tool still indicates some level of plagiarism, then there are some additional tips to follow.

Crosscheck Your References

Be sure that your citation is from the original paper. Cite a review only when you know its paper source. Citing a review without reference to the original research paper means you do not acknowledge the source. You must put in the extra effort to acknowledge each and every source. It is also important that the citations are stated correctly.
Many papers do have instructions on citation and be aware to follow school instructions properly.

Crosscheck Your Quotes

Ensure that all statements are quoted and also cited. This is important because it will show an acknowledgment of the source.

Source for Professional Help

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